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Wife seen on video setting fire to her husband’s private parts because he cheated on her

By Mason White 2:52 PM August 18, 2015
Wife setting her husband’s private on fire 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A wife who was furious at her husband for cheating on her with another woman, decided to set his private parts on fire while he slept, according to a video uploaded on the Internet.

After discovering that her husband slept with her co-worker, the unidentified woman of Florida, decided to take revenge by setting his private parts on fire.

According to the video, as her husband slept, she sneaked up to him while recording her actions with a video camera. The man was asleep on a white bed, wearing only underwear and a pair of socks.

The woman carefully and quietly removed the blanket that covered her husband. She then poured a bottle of nail polish on the groin area of ​​his underwear.

With a long lighter, she set the front of his underwear on fire.

After a moment, the husband woke up in horror and extinguished the flames. The woman is then heard screaming at her husband for sleeping with her co-worker.

She also told him to leave her house. The video has been uploaded on YouTube, where it went viral. So far, the video was viewed nearly 500,000.