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Woman teaches teens how to make women scream in pleasure during sex

By Mason White 5:16 PM August 18, 2015
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By: Chan Yuan
Three people were arrested for the rape of 4 teens.

A woman who belongs to a cult in Mazowe, Zimbabwe, was charged with sexually abusing four teenagers who had joined the cult.

The HIV positive woman, 30-year-old Nyarai Tambani, worked with 2 men, who were identified as
Bishop Chinhanga, 39, and Thompson Chiwara, 26.

The men are accused of forcing four teenagers, aged 14 to 18, to have sex with Tambani.

According to the Bindura Magistrate’s Court documents, the men convinced Tambani to engage in sexual intercourse with the boys.

According to police, Tambani told the teens that she will teach them how to have “hot sex with a woman and make her scream in pleasure during sex.”

Tambani removed her clothes and the men ordered the teens to have unprotected sex with her.

However, when the teens refused the request, Chiwara and Chinhanga beat them until they complied.

The defendants were arrested after one of the victims reported the incident to his older brother. The older brother then called the police.

During the police investigations, it was revealed that Tambani has HIV and she has been taking medication for the disease for the past 2 years.

All victims tested negative for HIV.