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Parents allow child to defecate on airplane floor despite bathroom being vacant

By Mason White 11:52 AM August 19, 2015
The family on the airplane 

By: Mahesh Sarin
People on an airplane were disgusted after parents allowed their young child to defecate on the floor.

The parents of China, have been criticized for allowing their son to defecate on the floor of the plane before takeoff.

The Shenzhen Airlines flight was traveling from Zhengzhou to Nantong, when the incident occurred.

The child’s mother and grandmother, who were not identified, were severely criticized by cabin crew and passengers when they were seen helping the child defecate on the floor in front of his seat.

The family said that the “bathroom was too small,” and it “would not fit all three of them,” the child, the mother and the grandmother.

The mother ignored the flight attendant who intervened during the incident, and even told her son to take his time because the plane has not taken off yet.

The family did not even bother to clean up the mess. They just covered the dirty floor with papers and used tissues, which angered cabin crew even more.

Shenzhen Airlines posted photos of the incident to their social media account to raise awareness about the issue as this has been a problem in the past.

Along with images of the indecent, the airline also tried to educate the public by saying that parents could use plastic bags or alert a flight attendant when a child is in urgent need of using the bathroom.