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Woman chained to bed and forced to work as slave after being sold by her husband for extra cash

By Mason White 11:58 AM August 19, 2015
The victim before being rescued 

By: Chan Yuan
Police have released a disturbing video, showing a woman chained to a bed while being forced to work for a man in Pakistan.

The woman who was allegedly sold into slavery by her husband, has been rescued by the police after they found her chained to a bed and forced to work for a “contractor.”

The woman of Chiniot, Punjab, India, was sold for just $480 and was forced to work for the unknown buyer for a month before being rescued.

The woman was also severely beaten by her master and had suffered serious injuries to both legs.

The police video shows the woman with chains around her neck and ankles. The chains were attached to a bed, where she was made to work for her buyer.

The woman’s husband, who is poor, sold his wife to make extra money.

Police went to the scene and used tools to remove the chains from the floor in order to free the woman before they escorted her to a police station to completely remove the chains from her body.

Police are still looking for the man who bought and enslaved the woman.