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Mistress beats man and locks him in a room where she rapes him

By Mason White 5:19 PM August 20, 2015
Elsie and Thamsanqa Mciya 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man is regretting the day he meet his mistress.

45-year-old Thamsanqa Mciya of South Africa, met his lover Elsie, 50, about six years ago.

However, his life has turned into a nightmare after his mistress became too possessive of him. She began abusing him and forcing him to have sex whenever she wants.

Elsie said that she sees nothing wrong with locking him in a room and using him as a sex slave.

Mciya was married to his wife for 23 years before he left her for his mistress. However, he is now ready to go back to his family.

Mciya said that he pleaded with his wife to take him back, but she refused to do so.

“I left my family six years ago when I met Elsie. I have fallen in love, but now she has turned abusive and she beats me. I want to go back to my family, but my wife has moved on,” a brokenhearted Mciya said.

Elsie was seen on the streets of Bloemfontein running after Mciya as he tried to escape from her. When she caught up to him, Elsie forced him to return home with her.

When questioned, Elsie said: “I’m not abusive, but I am very protective.”

“We’ve been together for six years and it has been good. I love him and I will not lose him,” she added.

His former wife, Katrina Moholo, 46, said that she has moved on and she now has a new man in her life. “He got what he wanted after he left us,” she said.

Police spokesman Captain Chaka Marope said that Mciya can file a police report over the abuse so that police can investigate the matter.