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Wife freaks out after radio hosts reveal that her husband is on Ashley Madison affair website

By Mason White 3:04 PM August 20, 2015
Ashley Madison 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A loyal wife in Australia, freaked out after learning that her husband had an account on the Ashley Madison dating website.

Radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa of Sydney, told the suspicious woman live on the air that her husband had an account at Ashley Madison.

The incident unfolded after the radio hosts asked women to call the show if they are suspicious that their partner may be cheating on them.

The radio hosts revealed that they have found a website that tells user if a person has an account with Ashley Madison. The first caller admitted that she is a single woman and uses the dating site to meet single men.

The second caller said that her husband began acting strange after learning that the Ashley Madison website had been hacked.

When she confronted him, he said that he cannot cheat because they have two children together. However, she learned the truth on the radio program as his name was found on Ashley Madison.

The woman said that the Ashley Madison website is disgusting and that woman who called before her, should be ashamed of herself.

The radio hosts apologized to the caller and said that they feel bad for her.