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16 men contract HIV after raping two women

By Mason White 12:47 PM August 21, 2015
Sad woman illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A hospital in Syria, has quarantined a group of men after they contracted HIV.

16 men were hospitalized after being infected with HIV.

According to the investigation, they had unprotected sex with two women whom they held as sex slaves.

The men, who are mostly foreigners, were treated in a hospital in Al-Mayadeen, after they raped the women.

The men raped the 2 women before it was revealed that they had HIV, doctors said. The women, who were from Morocco, managed to escape to Turkey after they were raped by at least 16 men.

In June, a man moved to Indonesia, kept a 15-year-old as a sex slave and had unprotected sex with her, despite the fact that he was HIV positive.

Two other men contracted HIV after raping that 15-year-old girl.