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Animal rights activist beaten with live ducks for recording duck chase festival

By Mason White 10:01 AM August 21, 2015
Woman beats animal rights activist with ducks 

By: Wayne Morin
An animal rights activist suffered a beating with live ducks after he was caught recording the annual duck chase festival held in Spain.

The man was struck with the ducks while he recorded the duck chase in Roses.

As part of the duck chase, live ducks are thrown into the Mediterranean Sea before being captured and brought back to shore by swimmers.

The animal rights activists told the swimmers that the ducks also have families and children, and they should be left alone.

A video uploaded to the Internet, shows a young woman attacking the man with live ducks, holding the legs as she whipped him repeatedly with them.

The mayor of Roses, said that the city will hold a referendum to see what residents think about the festival and whether they want it to continue.

The animal rights activists said that although the ducks are not killed, they suffer stress, internal bleeding, pain and fear.