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Prostitutes forced to wear high visibility jackets as they are causing hazards on roads

By Mason White 12:36 PM August 21, 2015

By: Feng Qian
Prostitutes in Italy, will be forced to wear outfits that are highly visible to improve road safety.

Prostitutes in Italy, will have to replace their short skirts and revealing tops with a reflective vest and pants, the same clothes worn by road workers, in an attempt to improve highway safety.

Sex workers who gather on a main street in Milan, will face a fine of $565 if they refuse to wear the unattractive reflective suit.

police in Spino d’Adda, said that the prostitutes are causing safety issues on the road from Milan to Cremona, therefore, they should be treated as construction workers.

Luciano Sinigaglia, deputy mayor of Spino d’Adda, agreed that the prostitutes should wear reflective clothes while standing outside waiting for clients.

Sinigaglia believes that the women who work in prostitution, which is legal, should be treated as employees working in road construction who are also forced to wear highly visible clothing.