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Water company asks parents for ‘corpse pollution fee’ after their children drowned in reservoir

By Mason White 1:50 PM August 21, 2015
Reservoir illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Parents of two children in China, who died in a reservoir, are outraged after a water company sent them a bill with a “corpse pollution fee.”

The incident unfolded after five students drowned while swimming the reservoir in Yunnan.

The parents of two brothers who drowned in the water, have filed a lawsuit against the management company of the reservoir for causing the death of their children by negligence.

The parents claimed that there were no signs, no barricades and no guards to stop their children from swimming in the water.

They want $75,000 in compensation.

In response, the company has argued that the parents simply failed in their duties as guardians of their children, resulting in the tragic deaths.

Following the drownings, the management company was forced to implement additional water treatment measures, incurring extra financial costs.

Therefore, they have billed the parents a “corpse pollution fee” of $1,400.