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Teacher punches student in the mouth on free hug day because he wouldn’t leave him alone

By Mason White 5:37 PM August 23, 2015
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By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A student suffered inquiries to the mouth after being punched by his teacher on free hug day, according to court documents in Michigan.

Jody Slavin said that her son was assaulted by his teacher at the Riverview Community High School, as students were trying to celebrate free hug day.

When Donald Ukrainec entered the classroom, the students surrounded the teacher and offered him free hugs, but he refused.

He told them to leave him alone, and after Slavin’s son did not listen, he punched him in the mouth. The incident put the teacher’s job in question, but the students gathered around the well-liked teacher and supported him.

However, Slavin filed the lawsuit against the teacher and the Riverview Community School District, seeking $75,000 in damages.

The lawsuit alleges that the student suffered physical, psychological and emotional damage as well as serious deterioration to his academic and social development because of the incident.

The lawsuit also alleges that the teacher hit students in the private parts, used profanity and made inappropriate comments.

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