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2 brothers force woman to drink urine because she killed their buffaloes with witchcraft

By Mason White 10:10 AM August 24, 2015
Sumitra Devi 

By: Wayne Morin
Two brothers were arrested on charges of assault after they allegedly beat a woman and forced her to drink urine because she was practicing witchcraft, police in India said.

Ranchi police said that 37-year-old Sumitra Devi, was forced to sit in animal feces and consume urine before being brutally beaten by family members.

Devi was rescued by police on Tuesday, and was transported to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences.

She suffered head injuries and stomach ailments resulting from the consumption of urine. The incident unfolded after a cow belonging to Devi’s brother-in-law died.

The brother-in-law blamed Devi for killing his cow through witchcraft. Family members also held Devi responsible for the deaths of six buffaloes in the past 10 months.

Devi’s husband, Dhaneshwar Ganju, said that when he returned from work late on Monday night, he found his brothers torturing his wife.

His wife was covered in feces and reeking of urine. He immediately called the police, and his wife was rescued. Police confirmed that they have arrested Mahesh Ganju and Ganesh Ganju, and charged them with assault.