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Surgeon deliberately causes people spinal injuries during surgery

By Mason White 5:17 PM August 24, 2015
Christopher Duntsch 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A surgeon was arrested after he said that he wants to become a cold-blooded killer.

44-year-old Christopher Duntsch of Texas, is a neurosurgeon who is accused of deliberately botching several spinal surgeries.

He is accused of wounding four and killing a woman. A judge denied his request to reduce his bail after prosecutors presented new evidence against him.

Judge Carter Thompson set bail for the doctor at $600,000 after reading an email that he sent to an employee, saying that he wanted to kill people.

The email read as follows: “I’m ready to leave the love, kindness, goodness and patience that I mix with everything else that I am and become a cold blooded killer.”

Duntsch remains at a prison in Dallas, on aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and one count of injuring an elderly person.

The spinal surgeries were performed at that Dallas Medical Center, South Hampton Community Hospital, and University General Hospital.

Police are still investigating as to whether their are more victims. Police believe that there are at least 10 victims.

Phillip Mayfield, 45, was one of the patients who woke up paralyzed from the neck down after he had back surgery done by Duntsch.

Mayfield was in court and he was glad that the judge did not reduce the bail. He wants justice to be served.