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Chuck E. Cheese’s refuses to serve police officers carrying their guns

By Mason White 4:03 PM August 25, 2015
Chuck E. Cheese’s 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police officers in Kentucky, are angry after the Chuck E. Cheese’s in the Greenwood Mall, refused to serve them when they are carrying their guns.

Edmonson County Sheriff Deputy Shane Doyle said that he was shocked by the way the officer was treated in front of other customers.

It was obvious that he was a police officer because he was wearing his uniform. The Sheriff’s Office released a statement, saying that they do not understand the behavior of Chuck E. Cheese’s.

The headquarters of Chuck E. Cheese’s called the situation an unfortunate misunderstanding. A spokesperson for the company said that their firearms policy does not apply to police officers in uniform.

The company also said that police officers are always welcome to bring their weapons.

State law allows police officers to carry their weapons everywhere except in federal buildings, whether they are on duty or not.