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Police officer rapes woman after going out with her on a date for the first time

By Mason White 10:03 AM August 25, 2015
Police officer illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A police officer was arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly raping a woman with whom he went out on a date, police in Japan said.

Fukuoka police said that they have arrested 27-year-old Shoji Meno, after being accused of sexually assaulting his girlfriend, which resulted in bodily injury.

Meno works at the Juvenile Division of the Kasuga police station. According to the police investigation, Meno met the 20-year-old woman through an online dating app.

On Wednesday, the couple met for the first time. Around 4:00 a.m., Meno allegedly pushed the woman to the ground of his apartment and sexually assaulted her.

After the assault, the woman fled from the apartment and called the police. Police said that the woman suffered minor injuries.

Meno has denied the accusation of rape, saying that it was consensual.