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Rich female lawyer jumps in front of train for being a bad mother

By Mason White 4:47 PM August 25, 2015
Sarah Johnson 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A high-powered attorney jumped in front of a train after leaving a suicide note in her home.

Sarah Johnson was a very successful lawyer in the United Kingdom, before she committed suicide.

A court in London, heard that the millionaire was tortured by guilt as she believed that she was not a good enough mother to her 3 young children.

Johnson, 35, lived in a $19 million home with her husband, who is a banker, and their children. Although she seemed to have the perfect life, she was struggling with personal issues.

Psychiatrist Dr. Neil Brener told the court that her problems revolved around personal matters in her family and she was using alcohol to numb her feelings. Her main thought was that she let everyone down, and how she messed everything up for her husband and children.

Johnson was admitted to a mental hospital after suffering from depression. After being released, she went home, left a suicide note and she jumped in front of a train at the Victoria station.

A post-mortem examination showed there was no alcohol in her blood. Coroner Dr. Radcliffe said that Johnson admitted to drinking heavily, but denied having suicidal thoughts to all the health professionals who saw her.
May she rest in peace.