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Couple killed by worker in their home while children were present

By Mason White 5:12 PM August 26, 2015
Gregory Tucker and Korinne Aylward 

By: Chan Yuan
Three children were orphaned after their parents were killed by a worker during a dispute.

A plasterer of Australia, pleaded guilty to stabbing a husband and wife to death.

Mustafa Kunduraci, 46, had a dispute with the couple, who hired him to do work in their home.

They were stabbed in the living room as their little children slept a few meters away.

Police in Melbourne, found the bodies of Gregory Tucker, 54, and Korinne Aylward, 35, in their home while their three children, who are between two and 50-years-old, were unharmed.

Mustafa pleaded guilty to two counts of murder for the death of the couple in the Victorian Supreme Court one month before he was supposed to stand trial.

A court heard that Kunduraci and Mr. Tucker, had a dispute over the quality of the work. Tucker said that the work was sloppy while Kunduraci claimed that he had not been paid.

Kunduraci said that the couple owed him thousands of dollars. A lawyer who was hired to mediate the dispute between the couple and Kunduraci, told police that Kunduraci said that he will make the couple suffer.

He later made good on his threat when he went to the couple’s home with a knife, zip ties, duct tape and a bottle of petrol, the court heard.

The husband and wife were both stabbed more than 20 times and died of wounds to the chest.

Kunduraci will be sentenced on a later date.