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Drunk man hit and killed by van while exposing his behind to drivers on busy highway

By Mason White 2:15 PM August 26, 2015
Highway illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A drunk man who was running around on a busy highway and exposing himself to drivers, was hit and killed by a van, police in New Zealand said.

Milton police said that 25-year-old Travis Jason Stephen Lane, died after being hospitalized for over a month following a car accident.

The Medical Examiner found that Lane’s judgement was significantly affected by alcohol and drugs when he ran out into traffic to exposed his behind to drivers.

According to the police investigation, Lane was hosting a party at his house before the incident occurred.

A witness at the scene said that he saw Lane running into traffic from his home, pulling down his pants and bending over before being hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Lane suffered serious brain injuries and an arm fracture. The driver of the van was driving under the speed limit. Lane was taken to a hospital and he never regained consciousness.