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Did woman sues adult movie company for causing her to unknowingly perform sex act on brother?

By Mason White 5:18 PM August 26, 2015
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By: Tanya Malhotra


According to The Independent the adult actors Madeline Madison and Chuck Tang don’t exist, and there is no record of a director named Jameel Mendoza ever having worked in the adult industry.

There is also no record of the production company Come-and-Go Productions anywhere.

The original story.

A woman is mad after she was tricked into performing a sex act on her brother.

Madeline Madison of Los Angeles, California, is suing Come-and-Go Productions after an incident on the set, which led to her unknowingly performing a sex act on her brother.

Madison is seeking $3.2 million and a new Corvette for the extreme emotional distress the incident had caused her.

She performed the sex act on her brother while she was in one room and he was in another room behind a wall.

She said that producers did not let her meet the man with whom she was acting. “I found it strange because we usually meet our scene partner,” Madison said.

“I like to make an emotional connection with my fellow actor before the scene. It makes my job so much easier,” she added.

Madison is now convinced that she was not allowed to meet her co-star because the producer wanted the incestuous scene, which is distributed exclusively in Japan.

Madison said that her younger brother, Chuck Tang, also works in the adult industry. According to Madison, the insectous videos in Japan will bring the company millions of dollars.

The production company refuted the claim, saying that Madison had prior knowledge that the scene was with her brother.

Director Jameel Mendoza said that Madison will do anything for money. “We normally pay $25 for third-rate talent like her for a single scene, but we agreed to $100 because it was with her brother.”

Madison’s brother said that he will not sue the adult movie company, and does not know if Madison had prior knowledge of the scene. He said that he does not remember if he was told or not, but it does not bother him.

Madison said that her life is ruined and she cannot look her brother in the face.