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99 people fall ill after eating at Chipotle restaurant

By Mason White 2:49 AM August 28, 2015
Chipotle restaurant location illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A Chipotle location in California, was briefly shut down after 99 people fell ill with fever and vomiting.

The Chipotle restaurant in Simi Valley, is under fire after several customer complained on the Internet, of becoming extremely sick.

Chipotle issued a statement, saying that the safety and welfare of customers is always their highest priority. They have investigated the issue and the company is making sure that the food is safe for consumption.

Many people said that they became ill after eating at the Chipotle on Wednesday. Kam Zreik began to feel ill after eating at the restaurant.

Zreik said that he was throwing up a lot, and when he went to the emergency room, his aunt told him that 19 people came in with food poisoning after eating at the restaurant.

Zreik also claimed to have had a temperature of 101 degrees, and a doctor gave him fluids through IV to treat dehydration.

The restaurant was shut down for a short period of time before reopening on Saturday. A sign on the door stated that the closure was due to a lack of employees.