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Woman beaten after asking husband for sex during Bible study

By Mason White 1:30 PM August 27, 2015
Knobkerrie illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was dragged to court after he beat his wife for asking him for sex during a Bible study, police in Zimbabwe said.

The woman of Bulawayo, asked the judge for an order of protection against her husband for verbally and physically abusing her.

Concilia Ndlovu, 51, told the court that her husband was reading the Bible, when she asked him to turn off the lights. He refused and turned violent.

Consilia said that her husband beat her with a knobkerrie during the assault.

Her husband, 55-year-old Clement Ndlovu, did not deny beating his wife with the knobkerrie, but claimed that his wife instigated the fight.

Clement told the court that he was reading the Bible, when his wife shut the lights and threw herself on him. She wanted him to have sex with her, but he wanted to continue reading the Bible.

“My intention was not to assault her, but to scare her away so that she stops disturbing me from reading the Bible,” he said.

The magistrate ordered Clement not to verbally or physically abuse his wife, and she ordered the couple to go for counseling.