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Woman pastes husband’s death certificate on door after officers repeatedly raid her home to arrest him

By Mason White 1:56 PM August 27, 2015
Karen Fennell and James Jordan Jr.
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By: Chan Yuan
A family in New York, was awarded money to a woman after the police department raided her home, looking for her deceased husband.

The widow of Brooklyn, posted her husband’s death certificate on her front door after police officers repeatedly came looking for him.

Karen Fennell and her son James Jordan Jr., sued the police department in order for the harassment and destruction to stop.

The woman said that officers raided her apartment in Bushwick 4 times, in an attempt to arrest James Jordan Sr. even though he died 9 years earlier, according to the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court.

Fennell said that she told officers repeatedly that her husband will not be found in her home, as he was no longer alive.

However, officers looked all over the home and moved the furniture to see if he was hiding somewhere.

The city fought vigorously against the lawsuit, saying that it was different sets of officers who went to the home to look for the man and they were unaware that he was dead.

Fennell decided to accept a settlement of $10,000 to avoid a lengthy trial. “He was a hard working man, and he took care of eight children,” said the widow.

Mr. Jordan, who died of diabetes at age 46, was previously arrested in 1996 for jumping a turnstile.