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2 teachers sexually abuse same student who complained about being molested

By Mason White 12:11 PM August 30, 2015
Darrell Glenn Whitten (left) Michael Eugene Reddell 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Two teachers were arrested for sexually assaulting the same girl, police in Texas said.

The male teachers are accused of molesting the same 16-year-old girl.

Darrell Glenn Whitten, 50, who is an economics teacher at the Melissa High School, turned himself in to police. He is accused of sexually abusing the teenager after she told him about her relationship with another teacher.

Whitten did not report the abuse of Michael Eugene Reddell, 38, after the teenager confided in him even after the girl apparently told him that she had “suicidal thoughts” over the sexual abuse.

Instead of seeking help for the girl, Whitten traumatized her further by also having sex with her.

Whitten was charged with improper relationship between an educator and a student, indecency with a child by sexual contact, and failure to report child abuse.

He allegedly kissed the girl on multiple occasions and “rubbed his private parts on her leg,” according to police.

Reddell was also arrested and charged with sexual assault and improper relationship between an educator and student. He was released after posting $50,000 bail.

Reddell allegedly touched the private parts and breasts of the student. He resigned from his position at the school.