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Band members find illegal immigrant hiding inside guitar case in tour van

By Mason White 3:27 PM August 30, 2015
Wille And The Bandits 

By: Wayne Morin
Illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom, attempted to hitch a ride hidden in a tour van of a band.

The members of the British rock band were shocked to discover two illegal immigrants hidden in their tour van, with one hiding inside a guitar case.

The group, Wille and The Bandits, were returning from a European tour when the two men got into their van as they were filling up gas in Calais, France.

The trio of Plymouth, England, said that they kicked the men out of their van, but they did feel sorry for them.

In a Facebook post the group wrote: “We have literally just pulled 2 guys out the back of our van just outside Calais.”

“We were filling up with gas when we noticed the van moving, and we found one guy just sitting there and the other in our guitar case,” they added.

“We feel really sorry for them. To be honest, they looked so desperate and they only want a better life. Makes us realize how lucky we are sometimes and that we shouldn’t take it for granted,” they said.