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Woman drives car while breastfeeding her baby

By Mason White 1:56 PM August 30, 2015
Police officer’s report 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police were called after a woman was seen holding her baby while driving, police in Washington said.

A woman was fined on Wednesday night, for breastfeeding while driving, and it is not the first time she has been pulled over for this offense.

A driver called 911 around 7:00 p.m., to report a woman driving north on I-5 with a baby in her lap, according to police officer Mark Francis.

The witness followed the mother who was holding her baby, and she took photos as evidence.

Trooper Rocky Oliphant pulled over the Honda Accord in Everett, and when he approached the car, he realized that the mother was breastfeeding her baby.

The 44-year-old woman allegedly admitted to driving while breastfeeding, but said that her one-year-old baby was screaming and crying so she decided to breastfeed him to calm him down.

The woman, who has not been identified, also admitted to being pulled over in the past for the same offense.

“Her job is to keep the child safe rather than making sure he is happy while she is driving,” said Oliphant.

He wrote the woman a $136 ticket for driving with an unrestrained child.

The woman had a car seat in the back seat. Oliphant made sure that the baby was secure in the car seat before he allowed the mother to drive away.

Oliphant plans to hand the case over to Child Protective Services.