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Woman freaks out after discovering bugs living inside her beauty blender sponge

By Mason White 5:55 PM August 30, 2015
Stevie Miller 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A woman in the United Kingdom, posted a video on Facebook, which shows her freaking out after discovering several bugs living inside her beauty blender sponge.

20-year-old Stevie Miller of Mildenhall, Suffolk, said that she saw little black spots a makeup applicator that her sister had bought on the Internet.

At first, she assumed that it was mold or some dirt from her makeup bag. Then she realized that there was a small hole in the beauty blender.

She dug in and found two dark creatures living inside. Miller used tweezers to remove the insects. She shook uncontrollably and shouted that they have legs.

Miller grabbed a pair of scissors and cut open the pink beauty sponge. Inside, she discovered even more bugs.

Miller’s mother warned her to stay away from the bugs as the product came from the United States and they might be poisonous.