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Woman punches flight attendant after her cat was locked up in the bathroom

By Mason White 5:53 PM August 30, 2015
Police aboard the Condor Airlines flight 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman who was flying to Germany, was kicked off a flight after allegedly punching a flight attendant because her cat was locked in a bathroom, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said.

FBI agents in Colorado, said that two fighter jets had to divert the international flight for an emergency landing after the passenger became unruly about her cat.

The Condor Airlines flight that left from Las Vegas, Nevada, landed in Denver, Colorado. A witness said that the woman was angry after flight attendants placed her cat in the bathroom for the duration of the flight.

The woman came on board the plane with the animal in her bag. She warned other passengers that if she cannot have her cat back, the mafia will bring the plane down on her orders.

After the plane landed, the FBI escorted the woman off the plane. She was not charged with a crime despite punching one of the flight attendants in the face.