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Bird steals tourist’s camera and takes selfies of itself

By Mason White 10:11 AM August 31, 2015
Seagull before stealing camera 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A tourist of Germany, who vacationed in Spain, managed to get pictures of a bird as it was flying high.

The incident unfolded after a seagull grabbed the GoPro of Martin Lozano, and recorded itself as it flew away.

Lozano was on vacation in the Cies Islands, when he put his GoPro camera down on a ledge to record the seagull that was resting nearby.

Suddenly, the bird jumped forward and picked up the camera with its beak. Lozano yelled at the bird, but it refused to give up the camera.

Instead, the seagull flew off, capturing stunning photos of the panoramic views. The seagull eventually returned the camera to its owner, and he uploaded the video to YouTube, where it went viral.

So far, the video has been seen more than 2 million times.