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Woman dies after having sex while driving 60 miles per hour

By Mason White 2:21 PM August 31, 2015
Minesh Parbat and Lisa Watling 

By: Feng Qian
A woman lost her life while having sex in a car.

Police said that the couple of the United Kingdom, was having sex while driving 60 miles per hour.

Minesh Parbat, 36, of Maidenbower, Crawley, became intimate with his girlfriend moments before he crashed his car, according to court documents.

Parbat was found guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison for causing the death of his girlfriend, Lisa Watling, 28.

Parbat was driving his BMW at 60 mph when it crashed in West Sussex. His girlfriend was thrown from the car and she died in a hospital from her wounds.

Parbat denied causing her death, but was convicted after a trial.

He had claimed that Watling, a mother of two children, wanted to engage in a sex act so she asked him to drop his pants.

He said that she sat on the dashboard and then moved in front of him and obscured his vision. He denied that anything sexual had happened.

Following the collision, police found Parbat with his pants and underwear around his ankles. Watling was found seriously wounded. She was only wearing a shirt and a bra.

Parbat was found to have a blood alcohol level that was over the legal limit.

Parbat was sentenced to seven years in prison and he was also disqualified from driving for 7 years. He will have to take a driving test before he is allowed to drive again.