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Restaurant reports sharp increase in profits after banning children under 7 years old

By Mason White 5:07 PM September 1, 2015
Flynn’s Restaurant 

By: Wayne Morin
A restaurant in Australia, reported its most profitable weekend in 14 years after banning children under 7 years old from its premises.

44-year-old Liam Flynn, the owner of Flynn’s Restaurant in Yungaburra, said that he experienced a sharp increase in earnings after couples flocked to the restaurant due to its new no children policy.

Several customers left positive reviews on TripAdvisor, since the ban has been in place. They called the restaurant relaxed and serene.

Flynn said that people spent big on food and expensive wine.

One customer who complained about the no children policy, was told to take the children to McDonald’s. Despite banning children under seven years old, Flynn said that people are welcome to bring their dogs.

This has infuriated some customers, who called the policies a double standard. They also complained that dogs make the restaurant dirty and unhygienic.

Flynn said that he decided to ban children out of respect for other diners following an incident in which a crying child interrupted the experience of other guests.

Flynn has been running the business for 14 years.