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Pregnant waitress goes into labor after customer throws hot soup on her in fight over straw

By Mason White 11:55 AM September 2, 2015
Hot soup illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman in China, went into labor after a customer threw hot soup on her.

The pregnant waitress of Heilongjiang, has been hospitalized for a month, after the customer threw the hot pot of soup on her.

Dong Xiaomeng was arguing with a female customer over drinking straws at the time of the incident.

In a sudden rage, the customer threw the pot of boiling soup on the waitress. The incident was captured on the restaurant’s surveillance video.

According to police, the customer had ordered a couple of drinks, which were served without straws.

When it was discovered that the restaurant had no spare straws, a staff member was sent to buy some.

However, the customer was very impatient and decided to help herself to the straws that were placed inside other beverages.

The waitress was concerned that the with the lack of straws, those drinks will not sell. She asked the customer to pay for those drinks as well.

When the argument escalated, the customer grabbed the hot soup and poured it over the pregnant waitress.

Police arrived at the scene and took the waitress to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with minor burns.

However, the incident has raised concerns about her pregnancy and she was diagnosed with irregular contractions.

Her family said that they are worried about the baby. The waitress is being monitored at the hospital because her pregnancy is at risk.