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Wife finds video on husband’s cellphone showing him having sex with his coworker

By Mason White 5:21 PM September 2, 2015
Lee and Charon Hanlon 

By: Chan Yuan
Two Royal Dutch Shell employees of the United Kingdom, were fired from their jobs after several videos, which showed them having sex at a hotel, went viral on the Internet.

32-year-old Lee Hanlon and 33-year-old Amy Maxwell of Westhill, who are both married to other people, were recorded having sex at a Premier Inn hotel.

Unfortunately, Hanlon’s wife Charon, 37, found the videos on her husband’s mobile phone and sent them to all his contacts.

She also created a WhatsApp group, posing as her husband and posting the videos for the public. Hanlon and Charon have an 8-month-old child together.

Hanlon called the police to investigate the distribution of the videos and the vandalism of his new Audi. Hanlon however, declined to press charges against his wife.

Maxwell met Hanlon at Shell in Aberdeen. Maxwell defended her action, saying that she did not have an affair and it was only a one time thing.

A spokesperson for Shell said that the company fired the workers in order to minimize disruption at the company. Both couples said that they plan to stay together.