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Woman receives 100 lashes for adultery in public ceremony as large crowd of men watch

By Mason White 3:17 PM September 2, 2015
Woman gets 100 lashes for adultery 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A large group of men gathered in Afghanistan, to watch as a woman who was convicted of adultery, received 100 lashes with a leather whip.

The woman and her lover, received the lashes on Monday, as the crowd of onlookers recorded the event.

The woman of Ghor, was wrapped from head to toe when she received the punishment by a man who was armed with a leather whip and wearing a turban.

The woman and her lover remained in a squatting position throughout the punishment. The punishment was endorsed by the government, where the trial was held.

The two had a long sexual relationships, but were only arrested earlier this month. The punishment was held in public in order to teach people a lesson, a government official said.

A judge said that the sentence was consistent with the Constitution and criminal law.