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Judge drops prostitution charge against 87-year-old man because he is very old

By Mason White 5:50 PM September 3, 2015
Howard Arthur Klein 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) An elderly man who was arrested on a charge of prostitution, received a free pass because of his age, prosecutors in Michigan said.

87-year-old Howard Arthur Klein of Grand Rapids, was arrested by police after he was observed soliciting an undercover police officer who was posing as a prostitute.

Klein was not taken to jail because of his age, but he was charged with prostitution.

Klein told police that he did not realize he was soliciting a prostitute because he thought that the woman he approached was someone he knew from church.

If Klein had been convicted, he could have been sentenced to a maximum of 93 days in jail. The judge decided to drop the charge because the 87-year-old had no criminal record.

The judge was also told that he suffers from dementia.