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Teacher fired from school for having a black boyfriend

By Mason White 5:20 PM September 3, 2015
Audrey Dudek and Stacey 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A woman was shocked to lose her job as a math teacher at school because of her black boyfriend, according to court documents in Florida.

Now, Audrey Dudek of Orange County, is suing the school district for discrimination.

In the lawsuit filed Wednesday, Dudek claims that she was discriminated against when the principal learned that her boyfriend was black.

School officials at Edgewater High School, were shocked and offended that her boyfriend Stacey, was black and that she befriended non-whites at school.

The assistant principal once told her to stop talking to black people. Eventually, Dudek was fired. The school claimed that she was fired due to budget cuts, but the school’s budget was not reduced at that time.

The Florida Commission on Human Rights investigated the incident and found that there is reason to believe that Dudek was treated differently because of her black boyfriend.

The school district denied all allegations of discrimination by Dudek. Dudek is suing for pain, suffering and loss of dignity. Dudek and Stacey have since been married.