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Woman beats husband’s lover after catching them having sex in car outside her home

By Mason White 12:19 PM September 3, 2015
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A married man was caught having sex with a woman, who is not his wife, outside his home.

The man’s lover agreed to have sex with him in his car outside his home in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, despite knowing that his wife was sleeping inside the home.

The wife, Lungile Sibanda, found her husband having sex with the woman after she woke up and went outside to clean the yard.

Lungile is married to Thabiso Ndaba Sibanda, and they have a son together.

The drama unfolded on Saturday around 6:00 a.m., when Lungile peeked into her husband’s car and saw him having sex with the woman under a blanket.

Lungile decided to attack the two by surprise. She
returned to the house to ask another female family member to join her.

The two then attacked her husband’s lover. Thabiso Ndaba managed to escape from his angry wife, leaving his lover to their mercy.

The 2 women ripped off the clothes of the woman, while beating her. Neighbors gathered to watch the beating, but did not intervene.

Lungile said that her husband later returned and apologized. “We are cool now,” she said.