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Good Samaritan kidnaps and feeds person he thought was homeless

By Mason White 10:05 AM September 4, 2015
David Pope 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man who attempted to help a homeless man, was arrested for kidnapping.

David Pope of Connecticut, was charged with kidnapping a man whom he thought was homeless.

Pope, 57, took the man to his house and fed him before his dog bit the victim.

Police responded to the home in Danbury around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and found the 77-year-old man. The elderly man told officers that he was pushing a cart with cans and bottles when Pope approached him.

Pope insisted that the man should follow him to his home, police said. When the victim refused, Pope grabbed him by the arm and escorted him to his house.

While they were inside the house, the dog bit the leg of the victim. Even after the dog bite, Pope proceeded to feed the victim.

At one point, the victim was able to leave the house without being detected, and called police.

When police went to talk with Pope, he refused to put his dog away so officials can take him safely.

Police said that Pope appeared to be drunk and said that he thought the victim was homeless and he was providing him with food.

Pope was charged with interfering with the duties of an officer, reckless endangerment, kidnapping and disorderly conduct.