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Government hires potty sitters to make sure city toilets are used correctly

By Mason White 11:49 AM September 4, 2015
The public toilet 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) People in California, who want to use the city restrooms, will have someone looking over their shoulder.

The city of San Francisco, is intensifying its patrol by hiring potty watchers to ensure public toilets in the city are in decent condition and used for their intended purposes.

About 12 workers are paid up to $16 per hour, to watch the public toilets in the city. Their job includes discouraging behavior such as drug use and prostitution in the bathroom.

People have a 20 minute limit to use the bathroom before the potty sitter knocks on the door to check on them and call police if necessary.

“We need to meet the demands of what people expect from a great city like San Francisco,” Public Works head Mohammed Nuru said.

The $1 million initiative is part of a program that was launched last year by Public Works, to keep the city clean.

The purpose is to clean up homeless camps and the smell from those who use the streets as a giant bathroom.

The city had crews cover 9 walls with urine repellent paint to discourage people from urinating on the street. The urine repellent paint causes water to jump off the wall and back at the person relieving their bladder.