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Woman forces her young daughters to perform sex acts on her

By Mason White 9:00 AM September 4, 2015
Ashley Ragusa 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman was arrested on a charge of sexual assault after forcing her young daughters to perform sex acts on her, police in Ohio said.

Now, 32-year-old Ashley Ragusa of Toledo, has been sentenced to serve 9 years in prison for sexually abusing her young children.

A court was told that Ragusa’s children saw their mother’s violent arguments with her boyfriend.

A caregiver of the children told the court that the girls suffer problems with trust, food hoarding, and acting out, arising from the abuse by Ragusa.

Ragusa told the court that her life spiraled out of control after the death of her father and the deterioration of her marriage.

She admitted to drug use. The judge noted that Ragusa did not show any genuine remorse for her actions.

An addition to the prison sentence, the judge ordered Ragusa to register her home address with the police every 90 days for the rest of her life.