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Police officer talks about news reporter’s large breast size on her voicemail

By Mason White 10:08 AM September 6, 2015
Chase Olivarius-McAllister 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A police department in Colorado, is being criticized after a police officer was heard talking about the large breast size of a news reporter.

The incident unfolded when Officer Zach Farnam of the La Plata County Sheriff’s Department, left a voice message for Chase Olivarius-McAllister, who works for the Durango Herald.

After leaving the message, the officer went on to talk about her body with his colleagues without realizing that he did not hang up the phone.

The disturbing conversation was recorded on the reporter’s voice mail system.

Farnam was heard talking to his colleagues about Olivarius-McAllister’s breast size, saying that they are a good shape, at least a solid set of Ds or probably double Ds.

Farnam also told his colleagues that his wife works alongside Olivarius-McAllister, and that she hates her.

The La Plata County Sheriff’s Department has apologized to Olivarius-McAllister, saying that Farnam acted in a disappointing manner.