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Police officer takes woman on date before showing off his uniforms and raping her

By Mason White 10:11 AM September 6, 2015
Police officer illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A police officer was arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly raping a woman whom he met on a date, police in New Zealand said.

In court, 39-year-old Shane Brian Clayden of Auckland, pleaded not guilty to rape and unlawful sexual contact.

According to the police investigation, Clayden met the 34-year-old woman on a dating website. Clayden met the woman in person, and they went out on a date.

Later that night, he took her back to his home.

During police questioning, Clayden admitted to showing the woman his police uniform and firefighter equipment before having consensual sex with her.

The woman claimed that the sex was not consensual.

Clayden said that after having sex, the woman demanded to be taken home, so he left her at a gasoline station because he did not have enough money for additional gas.

The woman told investigators that she thought she was meeting the man just to have a drink and eat something. The gas station is 30 miles away from her home.

After several hours of deliberations, a jury decided that the officer is not guilty of rape.