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Vibrating bra enlarges woman’s chest in just seven days

By Mason White 5:45 PM September 6, 2015
Milan Milic and his girlfriend Jelena Sabic 

By: Chan Yuan
A new bra will be able to give women bigger breasts in just 7 days.

30-year-old Milan Milic of Serbia, who invented the product, said that the vibrating bra could help enlarge the breasts of a woman by a full cup size.

Milic tested the product on his girlfriend, Jelena Sabic, 24, and the couple were impressed by the results.

They claim that the bra enlarges breasts by making them perkier and bringing them closer together. This all happens in just seven days, according to the couple.

If this amazing bra passes clinical trials, millions of women could get larger breasts without undergoing surgery.

The former engineering student spent months researching this unique concept. It all started about two years ago, when Jelena wanted larger breasts, but he was afraid of the operation and the scars.

“She did not want to insert a foreign object in her body, and the surgery was too expensive for us to afford. So we started to investigate what else we could do,” Milic said.

A medical student of Miami, Florida, also tested the bra and she saw her breasts grow from 32B to 34C.