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Home intruder calls police after accomplice suffered heart attack during robbery

By Mason White 1:44 PM September 7, 2015
Man suffering heart attack illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A robbery in progress was stopped after one of the suspect suffered a heart attack inside the victim’s home, police in the United Kingdom said.

Kent police said that they easily arrested three robbery suspects after an ambulance was called to assist one of them who suffered a heart attack.

When police officers arrived at the scene on Thursday, the three suspects were already waiting for them outside the house.

One of them was lying on the ground and the other two were trying to comfort him.

An ambulance arrived to take the patient to a hospital, while the two others, aged 41 and 46, were immediately arrested on a charge of burglary.

The third man, 38, was taken to the hospital for treatment, and was also arrested on a charge of burglary.