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Twin brothers kidnap and kill drug dealer after arranging to buy drugs

By Mason White 4:04 PM September 7, 2015
Joshua Brian and Jonathan Brent Nibbelink 

By: Chan Yuan
Two brothers of Jacksonville, Florida, were sentenced to life in prison for killing a drug dealer.

The twin brothers, Jonathan Brent Nibbelink and Joshua Brian Nibbelink, 35, were both sentenced to mandatory life in prison on one count of murder in the first degree on Tuesday.

The brothers also received a life sentence on a charge of kidnapping and 15 years on one count of robbery after being convicted of the charges.

Police said that the vehicle belonging to the victim, 26-year-old Dwight Martin, was found abandoned after he was reported missing.

An investigation revealed that the Nibbelink brothers and their accomplice, Gary Shepersky, 20, contacted Martin and made arrangements to purchase drugs.

The defendants planned to rob the victim of drugs and money. When Martin arrived at the prearranged location, they approached the victim from behind before choking and tackling him.

The victim was tied up with bungee cords, beaten and kicked repeatedly. The victim then had a rag soaked with cleaning fluid stuffed down his throat.

After he died, the defendants placed his body in the trunk of his car. They drove to Putnam County, and dumped the victim’s body in a wooded area.

They then drove back to Jacksonville, and abandoned the car. The victim’s remains were discovered a few weeks later.

Their co-defendant, Shepersky, previously pleaded guilty to charges of murder in the second degree, kidnapping and robbery. He is still awaiting sentencing.