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Young woman swallows metal spoon while eating noodles

By Mason White 10:09 AM September 7, 2015
Spoon in stomach of Xing Nvzai Wang 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A young woman was rushed to a hospital after accidentally swallowing a metal spoon while eating noodles, doctors in China said.

Doctors in Jiangsu, said that they removed the 6-inch metal spoon from the 27-year-old woman who was identified as Xing Nvzai Wang.

Wang said that she was eating noodles at a quick pace when the stainless steel utensil accidentally slipped down her throat.

By the time Wang checked herself into the hospital, the spoon had been in her stomach for three hours. Doctors spent two hours trying to attach a hook to the spoon in order to pull it out.

Doctors said that they were skeptical about Wang’s story.

They believe that Wang deliberately swallowed the spoon or was forced down her throat, but she refused to talk about the incident.

Wang has made a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital.