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White couple learns their 3-month-old dark-skinned baby is not their biological son

By Mason White 5:42 PM September 8, 2015
Richard Cushworth and Mercedes Casanellas with the baby 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A couple from Texas, began to panic as their baby grew bigger and looked nothing like them.

Richard Cushworth, and wife Mercedes Casanellas, decided to have their baby in her home country of El Salvador.

The couple welcomed their son at a private hospital in San Salvador, before returning to the United States.

However, as their baby grew older, the couple and their family realized that the baby is dark skinned and looked nothing like them.

When the baby turned 3 months old, the couple decided to take a DNA test, which revealed that the child is not related to either parent.

The couple went back to San Salvador, and made a public plea for people to help locate their child.

Police arrested Casanella’s obstetrician, Dr. Alejandro Guidos, who the couple accused of masterminding a plot to switch the baby in order to sell him to traffickers.

The hospital defended the doctor and vowed to clear his name.

Investigators ordered all new mothers who gave birth the same day as the couple, to have their babies tested.

DNA proved that 2 boys were switched at birth, and after many sleepless nights, the couple was finally reunited with their biological son.