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Police sergeant and officer join 4 men in gang raping 20-year-old woman in hotel room

By Mason White 9:31 AM September 9, 2015
Hotel room illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A police sergeant and an officer were arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly leading a group of men in gang raping a young woman at a hotel, police in Japan said.

Osaka police said that they have arrested 36-year-old Daisuke Umemoto, a sergeant in the police force, and 32-year-old Yu Mizobata, an officer in the police force, after being accused of gang raping a 20-year-old woman in a hotel room along with four other men.

According to the police investigation, Umemoto and Mizobata conspired with several other men to gang rape the woman during the night.

The woman only managed to escape in the morning. Mizobata solicited men on an Internet message board two weeks before the attack.

During questioning, Umemoto admitted that the victim did not consent to have sex, while Mizobata denied the allegations.

The victim told police that a total of six men had sex with her at the hotel.