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27-year-old man to marry 70-year-old woman after falling in love with her because she is faithful

By Mason White 10:31 AM September 10, 2015
Steven Tikubuwana and Zaituni Nakanda 

By: Chan Yuan
A young man in Uganda, announced his plans to marry a much older woman after falling in love with her because she is faithful and caring.

27-year-old Steven Tikubuwana and 70-year-old Zaituni Nakanda, are already living together in a one bedroom apartment located in Mukono.

The house belongs to Nakanda, and Tikubuwana moved in with the woman after losing his job and becoming homeless.

Tikubuwana revealed that was homeless for about two months, when his future wife welcomed him into her home. His family members are not happy with his decision to marry a much older woman, but he does not care.

Tikubuwana already has a son and a daughter, and they live with his parents. He said that unlike his former wife, Nakanda is faithful and affectionate.

Nakanda had been alone for more than 20 years, and she believes that finding a young husband is truly a miracle. She is happy that the young man is not ashamed to present her as his wife.

However, neighbors of the couple are skeptical about Tikubuwana’s love for the woman, saying that he is seeking ownership of her apartment.