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Animal lover kills herself 4 months after wedding because husband was cheating on her

By Mason White 2:40 PM September 11, 2015
Simon Mueller and Nicole Putney 

By: Wayne Morin
An animal lover decided to end her own life after she suspected that her husband of four months, was cheating on her with another woman, a court in the United Kingdom heard.

32-year-old Nicole Putney was staying at a hotel in Manchester, when she decided to hang herself.

In a suicide note, Putney accused her husband, who works as a physicist at the International Energy Agency, of cheating on her with another woman.

Simon Mueller told the court that his wife tried to kill herself several times in the past. Her first suicide attempt was last year.

Mueller and his wife were talking about their relationship, when he left to meet a friend. When he returned, he found a note beside her and a knife.

Mueller called an ambulance, and she was taken to a hospital.

Earlier this year, she tried to hang herself, but she collapsed.

After their wedding, she started looking for work in London, but her husband wanted to stay in Paris, France. They had an argument, and she went out with a friend for a drink.

Later that day, he received a text from his wife in which she said that she was going to jump in front of a train. She was found and hospitalized.

In the final incident, Putney called her father to say that she was going to end her life. The father immediately called the police, but by the time officers got into her room, she was already dead.

Putney worked as a vet for many years.