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Dwarf without clothes gives police officers lap dance at police station

By Mason White 9:35 AM September 11, 2015
Police office with male stripper 

By: Chan Yuan
Police officers are under fire after video footage emerged, showing them receiving lap dances in the precinct.

Video footage of the incident, shows the dwarf stripping down to his underpants and giving officers a lap dance in a police station in Brazil.

The male stripper was seen jumping on top of a table as anti-drugs police officers of Sao Paulo, were drinking beer, laughing and cheering him on.

The videos, which were taken with cellphones, shows the dwarf taking his clothes off before leaping off the table and performing a sensual dance routine.

He gave lap dances to a female and male officer.

The dwarf was invited to perform at the police station, where a birthday party was being held for an officer.

Governor Geraldo Alckmin said that officers have the right to party, but not on public property.